Bitcoin poker game

A couple of years ago, bitcoin was known only in narrow circles.

But today only lazy people have not heard of cryptocurrencies. Poker bitcoin casinos appear like mushrooms after the rain. Now Bitcoin poker can be downloaded in just 2 clicks. And now we’ll talk about poker rooms that take bitcoin. But first, let’s note how poker bitcoin casino differs from playing poker for dollars or another common currency:

All poker rooms accepting bitcoin can be divided into 2 groups: bitcoin poker rooms and poker rooms that take bitcoin, converting it into a fiat currency (dollars/euro).

That is, there is a bitcoin poker room in which you can immediately play poker for bitcoins, and not for dollars, without currency conversion. As a rule, in such poker rooms are created for playing through the browser. In other words, bitcoin free poker does not need to be downloaded.
But poker rooms that take bitcoin, in most convert the crypto currency into dollars and euros. That is, playing bitcoin poker will not work, because bitcoin is converted into dollars.

Anonymity. Poker bitcoin casino involves the use of a blockade – decentralized technology, in which data about users remain classified. But such bitcoin poker rooms are not very common now. And for the most part, when you deposit casino bitcoin, information about the deposit does not remain classified.

Speed ​​of operations. Deposit and withdrawal of funds in bitcoin poker rooms is faster than if you use a plastic card or even Skrill, Neteller.


Weak traffic. Bitcoin poker download can be only 2 clicks, another question is, where to get bitcoin. Poker bitcoin casino is not yet very popular, as usual poker rooms, but this is probably a matter of time.

Bitcoin course. The poker rooms that take bitcoin are subject to the cost difference of bitcoin itself. The course of online poker – like the weather at the equator, like the mood of a girl – is predictable and changeable. Experts say that bitcoin is the only currency without inflation, that the rate of bitcoin will only grow with time. Therefore, bitcoin poker download is better today.
Therefore, we represent your bitcoin poker rooms, in which you can make a deposit in the crypto currency.

PokerKing – the rom of the American network Winning. Deposit and withdrawal of funds is available in the bitcoin poker. But the conclusion is made with an envelope of USD in BTC at the rate

You can not play casino bitcoin casino, as there is no cryptocurrency game, as the dollar is used as a currency.

RedStar – the MPN network of the network – accepts deposits in BTC through Cubits, but the game is carried out only in a fiat currency. You can not withdraw bitcoin, only by converting it to another currency.

CoinPoker – the room uses its own cryptocurrency, CHP tokens. Deposit, withdrawal of funds and the game itself is carried out in the cryptocurrency (via smart ether contracts).

TonyBet is another poker room for bitcoins. Accepts the Crypto currency both as a deposit and as a cachet.

Betonline, TigerGaming (Chico network) is another American network that accepts Bitcoin as a deposit. You can also withdraw funds in bitcoins.

Thus, poker with bitcoin rooms that take bitcoin are slowly conquering markets. Bitcoin poker rooms in the majority only take bitcoin as a means of payment, but the game is still conducted in the old-fashioned way in a hard currency. Only CoinPoker by right can be included in bitcoin poker rooms, in which the game is played on bitcoin.